Jeffrey Staton - Agent Resume Simple
Seeking a position in a professional environment where I can utilize my skills and experience to improve the quality of life. I am a team player, who is able to work with people.
  • management, insurance, clients, service, planning, responsible, risk management
  • scheduling, hiring, training, manager, marketing, operations, quality, payroll
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26


    Dominican College

    • Responsible for management of clients, including planning, coordinating, and maintaining customer service. Works with insurance companies to ensure that all necessary documents are collected and processed.
    • Provide support to the community and the community to develop and implement the health plan and wellness programs. Serve as a liaison between the public, the local community, and the public.
    • Conducted monthly risk assessments and provided risk management for the community. Performed annual reviews of all residents. Monitored and evaluated the effectiveness of the program.
    • Worked with the elderly and the community to help them understand the needs of their loved ones. These activities were to be able to take the steps of the client.
    • Created and maintained a database of all data collected from the sources of the organization. Developed and implemented a system to track and analyze data.
    • Developed and implemented a new process for the company to ensure that all the products were being sold. The customer was not available to the customers.
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    Assistant Manager

    Jefferson City High School

    • Hiring, training, scheduling, and supervision of all staff, including HR, quality, marketing, and business development.
    • Assisted with the management of the department, including payroll, budget, staffing, and logistics. Maintained and monitored the clinic.
    • Manager, and the company. I was also a member of the team to ensure that the employees were being trained and in a timely manner.
    • I have been a member of the employee and the operations team. This position is a great opportunity for me to be a part of a team.
    • Worked with the Director of the department to ensure that the staff was trained and in a timely manner. Ensured all employees were up to date.
    • Managed and maintained all aspects of the daily operations of the office. Developed and implemented a new employee orientation program.

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