Robert Fitzwater - Account Manager Resume Simple
To obtain a position in a professional environment where I can utilize my skills and experience to improve the quality of life. I am a highly motivated individual with a strong work ethic, and a commitment to excellence.
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    Account Manager

    University of Louisville

    • Managed the implementation of the clinical services administration, data collection, and distribution of all facets of the organization.
    • Oversee the daily operations of the client, including the planning, distribution, and communication of all facets of the organization, including the benefits of coding, billing, and quality.
    • Responsible for all aspects of the management, including but not limited to, the collection, analysis, and distribution of client services and documentation.
    • Manage all aspects of the business, including but not limited to, customer service, billing, data collection, filing, and coordination of medical records.
    • Created and maintained documentation for all clients, including filing, scanning, and archiving. Developed and implemented processes to ensure consistency and accuracy.
    • Maintain accurate and timely documentation of all correspondence and services provided to the client. Identify and resolve problems and concerns to ensure that the clients are receiving the best care possible.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25


    Ashworth College

    • Front desk: Medical records, medical records management, patient registration, insurance verification, ICD-9, CPT, and other clerical duties.
    • Medical billing and coding, CPT, ICD-9, and other medical office procedures. Proficient in the use of electronic health records.
    • Supported the front desk in the collection of data, and reporting of medical records to the appropriate person. Managed the billing process and resolved issues with the finance department.
    • Performed data entry and quality assurance checks on all reports and records for the purpose of identifying and resolving problems.
    • Maintained and updated medical records for billing purposes and CPT coding. Provided information to patients and families regarding medication and treatment.
    • Reviewed and analyzed data for the billing and coding of the medical records and the denial of the claims. Developed and implemented the management of the Medicaid and Medicare.

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