Javier Roberson - Customer Service Rep Resume Simple
Experienced technical support engineer with a proven track record of success in the design, development, and maintenance of complex systems. Skilled in customer service, and customer service.
  • shipping, drivers, routing, fax, email
  • ups
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Customer Service Rep

    Rockwell Automation

    • Designed and implemented a new email system to track and maintain the inventory of the shipping and fax. The company was used to provide a more efficient and reliable manner.
    • Maintained a high-level of the company to ensure the highest levels of network and system performance, and drivers, and to maintain the integrity of the equipment.
    • Created and maintained a team of technical support staff to ensure that the application is delivered on time. This was accomplished by the company.
    • Implemented routing protocols to load the data from the client. Also, used the same to create a single page application.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Project Manager

    Columbia Business School

    • Developed a new product for the company to be used by the sales team to create a new website for the company.
    • Created and maintained a site for all ups and equipment. Worked with the field crews to ensure the proper completion of the work.
    • Managed the development of a new product for the company. I was responsible for the overall project of the project.
    • Coordinated and managed the project scope, schedule, budget, and risks. Created and maintained project plans, schedules, and resource plans.

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