William Martin - Customer Service Rep Resume Simple
A highly motivated, results-oriented, and quality assurance professional with over 10 years of experience in the areas of customer service, and operations.
  • training, qa, coaching, trainer, pc, mip
  • customer service, training, listening, monitoring
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Customer Service Rep

    DuPont Manual High School

    • Training and coaching of new employees and interns. The ability to work with the team to create a plan to be used to help them get the best possible solution.
    • Responsible for the development of the new app and web pages for the website. I was able to train and implement the remedy system.
    • Developed a PC based system to track and report the data of the company. The new software was used by the CEO and CFO.
    • Created and implemented a new process for the project team to be used by the business to create a new version of the system.
    • Provide support to the QA team to ensure the accuracy of the data and the system of the business. Work with the technical team to create and maintain the test cases.
    • Involved in the development of the new system for the business. The project was to be used by the team to create a new process for the entire company.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Customer Service Rep

    The University of Mississippi

    • Provides quality customer service to the team by monitoring and providing training to the client. Provide support to the sales team and other teams.
    • Responsible for listening to the needs of the client and the team. I was able to work with the team to develop a plan to meet the goals of the department.
    • Assist with the creation of new product and service offerings for the customer. Work with the business to develop a plan to improve the quality of the client.
    • Created a new process to track and report on the sales of the company. This was a key component of the team to help them understand the business and how they could be used.
    • Worked with the sales team to develop a new process for the commission calculation. I was able to reduce the number of errors and increased the accuracy of the data.
    • Responsible for the creation of the new system for the company. Also, I was able to create a new process for the entire team.

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