Billy Wiseman - Security Officer Resume Simple
To obtain a position in a professional environment where I can utilize my skills and experience to provide quality patient care. I am a team player, who is able to work with a diverse group of professionals.
  • people skills, honest, communication, computer skills, reliable, dependable, answering, computer
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    Security Officer

    Health Net

    • As a member of the communication team, I am responsible for the computer system, and the use of the software and hardware.
    • Organized and maintained a clean and safe work environment. Provided excellent customer service. Trained and supervised employees. Performed duties in the emergency department.
    • Strong communication skills, reliable, and able to work independently and in a team environment. Ability to multi-task, multitasking, and ability to handle multiple tasks.
    • In addition to the ability to work in a team environment, I was responsible for the cleaning and organization of the front desk.
    • As a trainer, I am responsible for answering phones, and making sure all the work is done in a timely manner.
    • Demonstrated ability to work independently, as well as excellent customer service skills. Responsible for all of the duties of a team of the organization.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Teacher Assistant

    RR Donnelley

    • Taught students how to use the adaptive equipment and the use of adaptive equipment. This included the use of a variety of assistive devices.
    • Prepared meals and assisted with feeding, bathing, and dressing. Provided companionship and emotional support. Performed household tasks such as laundry, dusting, washing dishes and vacuuming.
    • Observed and assisted patients with eating, personal hygiene, and grooming. Provided assistance in the care of patients.
    • Assisted with the development of lesson plans and classroom instruction. Performed the following tasks: Visual field, audio, visual, and auditory tests.
    • Provided assistance to students with developmental disabilities, autism, intellectual disabilities, and other developmental disabilities. Assisted in the development of a plan of care.
    • Provided assistance to residents with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting. Helped patients with ambulation.

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