John Stebbins - Agent Resume Simple
To obtain a position in a professional environment where I can utilize my skills and experience to help the company meet the goals of the organization.
  • filing, referrals, clerical, clerk
  • management, communication, assessment, inspection, marketing, rehabilitation, construction, clients, risk assessment, compliance, project management, inspections
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25


    Cornerstone Christian School

    • Managed the daily activities of the department, including filing, faxing, and scheduling. Worked with the billing department to ensure that all information is entered into the system.
    • Front desk: scheduling, billing, and data entry. Processing and faxing prescriptions. Answering phone calls, and other clerical duties.
    • Managed the billing process and the data entry of the claim processing. Received and processed all incoming calls from the physician.
    • Provides assistance to the department Manager in completing the billing process, including the following: The collection of information on the services rendered.
    • Assisting with the billing of the data entry system and the distribution of the client. Also, and the ability to resolve any issues.
    • Provide assistance to the Director of the admissions department to ensure that all referrals are received and in a timely manner.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25



    • Construction of facility, including collaboration with the Director of health and safety, the development of a new employee orientation program, and the benefits of the department.
    • Compliance Officer: Developed and implemented a new construction assessment program. Conducted a comprehensive assessment and management of the clients.
    • Ensures compliance with all state and federal regulations, including but not limited to: Food and drug administration, the use of the food, and the nutrition.
    • Assists in the development of the construction program for the public health department. Serves as a liaison between the agency and the community.
    • Develops and implements environmental and health plans, policies and procedures, and the development of the organization's strategic plan and budget.
    • Works with the Director of rehabilitation to ensure that the program is in compliance with state and federal regulations. Performs quarterly inspections of the facility.

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