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A highly motivated and detail-oriented professional with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry. I have a strong background in the medical field.
  • service, best practices, receiving, pricing, customer service, implementation, analysis, coaching, training, greet, mentoring, merchandising, planning, pharmacy, closing, stocking
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    Hiwassee College

    • Provide support and strategic planning for the implementation of the company, including the development of a new marketing Plan, and the opening of the facility.
    • Provide support to the company by providing information, planning, and distribution of goods, services, and training materials to the clients.
    • Perform daily operations of the retail, including answering phones, scheduling, and monitoring the customer service. As well as the opening of the store.
    • Assist with the planning, implementation, and cleaning of the company and Associate operations. This includes, but not limited to, scheduling, purchasing, and maintaining equipment.
    • Manage retail and sales operations, including scheduling, planning, and distribution of goods, services, and training.
    • Assist with the planning, implementation, and monitoring of the budget, including scheduling, purchasing, and reconciling of all items.

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